Motivatem has years of experience in training organisations and employees on how to harness their strengths to drive performance daily.  This goal is at the heart of Motivatem’s training programmes, changing the face of how the organisation works and its ability to succeed.

Our training programmes are developed in line with your unique organisational needs. We take the time to assess the people in your organisation and the essential elements for driving change in performance levels.

Once this is established, training begins by identifying strengths at the individual level, discussing techniques for integrating these strengths into day-to-day activities and by developing a plan for action.

One of Motivatem’s flagship programmes is its comprehensive Your Sphere of Excellence™ training. The programme was developed after observing that one of the biggest challenges for many organisations is how to energise, engage and empower their people Monday through Friday.

Teamed with this was the challenge for the individual to discover what they do best and then align that with their day-to-day work so that they experience a substantial increase in their overall productivity and performance.

The Your Sphere of Excellence™ programme helps individuals identify their core strengths, passions, skills, empowering beliefs and capabilities for excellence so they can make their maximum contribution to the organisation every day.

Click here to find out more about Your Sphere of Excellence™ or contact us to learn about any of our other training programmes.

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