The Magic of Monday is turning demotivated staff into motivated staff, equipping young people with career management skills, and inspiring young professionals with the mindset of personal leadership!!!

We’re at a point in history when competition for jobs is fiercer than ever; unemployment levels are extremely worrying, even for those in employment; and the concept of a ‘job for life’ is no longer the norm. Many people are struggling to overcome unfulfilled aspirations and difficult circumstances, and are frequently ending up in unsatisfying jobs or with no job at all.

This reality is a challenge for millions of young people and young professionals with a desire to secure work, advance their career, or simply rediscover their career ambitions and go on to achieve career success.

“The Magic of Monday” arms readers with the right attitude, strategies, and behaviours to take advantage of opportunities to make their mark on the global marketplace.

In writing this book, Obi interviewed 75 business leaders, senior executives and high performing managers from across the UK to glean lessons they had learned throughout their careers that could be passed on to others, particularly young people and young professionals. Taking the insights from his research and combining it with those from personal experience, Obi penned a fable about “developing a winning attitude and unleashing the greatness within you for career success”. He explains, “it is an opportunity to learn vicariously from the experiences and wisdom of those who have gone before you.”

Readers are invited to follow the fictional adventures of Josh, a beleaguered young professional who is already feeling burned out and discouraged. His friend encourages him to find a mentor and it proves to be a life-changing experience that introduces Josh to new ways of thinking and behaving.

Through Josh, Obi hopes that readers will begin to understand how they can harness their own motivation, build enduring relationships, develop a winning attitude, uncover their strengths, and unleash it in their daily lives.

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“A fantastically easy to access guide which should be a must for all young professionals who are keen to develop their careers. Written in a style that is easy to understand and digest, The Magic of Monday was not only a gripping read but a great advocate to the rewards of being proactive and enthusiastic and a great refresher of the power of mentoring to those involved in mentoring programmes.”
Katy Crothall, Operations Director, Badenoch & Clark

“The Magic of Monday is a fabulous book about job satisfaction and career development. It is full of wisdom and practical lessons and is a “must read” for every 20 – 30 year old at the early stages of their career.”
Paul Drechsler, Chairman & Chief Executive, Wates Group

“A real gem… Many home truths which will be very valuable to the many youngsters who find themselves somewhat lost in today’s recessionary market.”
Jonathan Lux, Honorary Consul to Cape Verde in London

“The Magic of Monday is a great story with the ability to truly inspire those in the workplace. Whether a new starter like myself or an experienced hire there are a lot of very practical tips to take away. Working in one of the world’s largest FMCGs, I can safely say the advice mentioned is essential to advance in your career and also applies to other areas of life. It’s a tale of hard work and humility triumphing over impulse and dissatisfaction. Clearly written in story form, quick read, great chapter summaries. Well worth the read!”
Senyo Aidam, UK Engineering Stores Buyer, MARS

“This book is a real find! Entertaining and at times hard-hitting, the tale of a young man’s journey through the troughs and peaks of his career is strikingly realistic and compelling, while the book’s narrative format allows one to learn without being “taught”. As a forty-something, I both wished I had read it a couple of decades ago, and took note of the points I have yet to master! I would recommend this to anyone entering the professional world, and others who have been in it for a while!”
Jon Flay, Managing Director, OKNO TV

“Reading The Magic of Monday confirmed that those who are successful and are ahead of me had to start somewhere and if I take a good look at myself, and apply the principles laid out in this book, the possibilities of what I can become are truly attainable.”
Siphiwe Phiri, Aspiring Lawyer

“I have long said that an individual is the only person who can motivate themself. The core message of Obi Abuchi’s great book, The Magic of Monday, is about being “responsible” for our own career success. To my way of thinking “responsibility” means having the “ability” to “respond” to whatever life throws at you… seven days a week!”
Dr. Denis Cauvier – International Bestselling Author & Professional Speaker

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Magic of Monday. I found it to be interesting and thought-provoking as it tapped into real dilemmas that many young people today face in pursuit of a career. I personally found that I could relate to many of Josh’s questions. I would advise readers to make notes of key learning points as you go along (as I did) to use as a reference and guidance long after you have completed the book… A motivating read that answered questions for me and provided me with useful tips which I will utilise in mapping out my career path.”
Rebekah Edgar, HR Advisor, Capsticks LLP

“The Magic of Monday” will arm you with strategies, ideas, and behaviours that will enable you to make your mark on the global market place!!!

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