Your Sphere of Excellence ™

After observing the interaction between organisations and their people over a number of years, Motivatem has realised two major challenges – one for the organisation & one for the individuals working within them. For the organisation, the challenge of energising, engaging and empowering their people Monday-Friday is a reality that can’t be ignored. For individuals, many have yet to find what they do best so they can align that with their day-to-day work and overall organisational contribution.

As a result of this realisation, the Your Sphere of Excellence™ programme was borne. We thought – wouldn’t it be great if we all could wake up feeling excited, energised and empowered because we’re doing what we do best? Finding that sweet spot is something many of us seek out our whole lives.

At Motivatem, we call this sweet spot Your Sphere of Excellence™.

Your Sphere of Excellence™ is that arena that brings together your core strengths, passions, skills, empowering beliefs and capabilities for excellence.

It’s that arena where people look at you and say, “They make it look SO easy!”
At Motivatem, we understand that this is something so many people want but very few achieve…until now.
The Your Sphere of Excellence™ programme is a comprehensive system that will enable participants to:

  • Uncover their strengths
  • Unleash their creativity
  • Engage their passions
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and develop empowering ones
  • Discover the arena that allows them to excel
  • Understand how they can use these personal discoveries to increase productivity and results for their organisation

If all of this sounds like a programme that will make a difference in your everyday life – you are completely right. To find out more about the Your Sphere of Excellence™ programme, contact us today.


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