Motivatem’s Founder and Director, Obi Abuchi has spoken across events in the UK and Europe since 2008.  His passion for motivation and its importance to career success can be felt instantly, helping to inspire the organizations of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

By having Obi speak at your organisation’s event, you’ll benefit not only by enlisting an engaging speaker but you’ll also empower your employees with his motivational techniques.  This will set you on a path for organizational success!

By adding a motivational speaker who has the passion and commitment for driving performance, you’ll experience results you never thought you could.  Employees, customers and all of your attendees will feel inspired and motivated to drive your business forward and harness their strengths for the good of themselves and the organisation as a whole.

If you would like to know more about how Obi Abuchi and Motivatem could contribute to your next event through motivational speaking, please contact us today.

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