Central to Motivatem’s mission is the importance it places on its published works. Obi Abuchi has always been committed to the written word and has written a range of articles on the topic of motivation. Recently, in November 2012, he has also released the book “The Magic of Monday”

“The Magic of Monday” sets out to change the mindset of workers everywhere. Obi interviewed 75 business leaders, senior executives and high performing managers from across the UK to glean lessons they had learned throughout their careers that could be passed on to others, particularly young professionals.

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Jim Rohn, one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers said the following when speaking on the subject of living an exceptional life, “We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. However, the value YOU become pays more.”

Your personal growth is increased by exposure to the insight, understanding, and experiences of others. As you grow personally you will inevitably grow professionally, reaping great rewards as a result.

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There is a wise saying that,”readers lead and leaders read.”

Be a leader!  Happy Reading!!!

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Articles and Published Works

Throughout his career, Obi has also written a range of articles.  To view or download these articles and a selection of other relevant articles, please do so below –

Articles by Obi

Jan 08 – The Right Tools For The Job – Part I of III

Feb 08 – The Right Tools For The Job – Part II of III

Mar 08 – The Right Tools For The Job – Part III of III

Articles by Select Others

Getting Any Job You Want
Want to get any job you want? Read this inspiring article from Stephen Covey.

The Neuroscience of Leadership/strong>
Read this informative article on the Neuroscience of Leadership from by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz.

The Neuroscience of Leadership

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