7 Mistakes – Raising ones awareness

7 Mistakes – Raising ones awareness

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Just when I started pulling together my thoughts, observations and findings for the Motivation Series 101 report, I realised that the first step in making a change for the better is all about raising ones awareness.

The report uncovered 7 mistakes people make at work that limits their motivation, performance and success but one of the elements that really structure me is that it takes that initial push or effort to take ownership for these mistakes in the first place.

One of the 7 mistakes is the whole concept of the “blame game”, blaming others for lack of performance.  In a work setting or even in our personal lives most of us can relate.  When something goes wrong, and something is always bound to now and again, as humans we often find it hard to actually take responsibility on how we contributed to that scenario. I can think of a number of times that I’ve done that myself.

In a working environment, when things aren’t meeting our expectations or we don’t feel fulfilled it is very easy to blame our environment or others for that. Although it may be partly true there is always something to making the best out a somewhat bad situation.  Raising our awareness to this fact and taking the control of the situation for our own happiness is important to day-to-day satisfaction, that’s for sure.

I’m really pleased that I’ve taken the time to compile this  report as I’m hoping it will make others realise (like it has with me) that we’re not all alone in these actions.   We are the majority however by raising one’s awareness to accept these facts as possible mistakes can help us to transform our futures for the better.

Have your say – contribute to Motivation Series 102!

Have your say – contribute to Motivation Series 102!

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What’s the difference between a high performing employee and one who is struggling with his or her performance? Well, in our first Motivation Series report we discussed out the 7 biggest mistakes people make that limits their motivation, performance and success.

After his years of experience in helping others identify their strengths to enhance their professional lives, Motivatem’s Director Obi Abuchi, assembled this knowledge into the Motivation Series 101 report.

During this research he found that it isn’t intelligence, potential, background, size of network, or experience but that it often came down to one thing—motivation! With his expertise in this area, the report doesn’t just detail what these mistakes are but also describes techniques on how individuals can avoid making these mistakes.

The findings? Well, it was clear that many of these mistakes could easily be avoided. Individuals just needed to become aware of them and take action. To get a free copy of the report, simply join Motivatem’s Winning Attitude Club here.

After launching the report, Obi invested many hours in distributing the report out to the Motivatem community as well as highlighting his findings at a variety of events. The results of the report were welcomed with open arms. The report isn’t just insightful about the mistakes that are being made but also provides every reader with actions to take away so they can make a difference in their career and life.

The report was so well received that Obi is already starting to work on Motivation Series 102 that will focus on the role organisations and managers play to influencing motivation.

It only takes 5 minutes to take part in the research for Motivation Series Report 102. Visit the online questionnaire here and have your say today!

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