The Magic of Monday

The Magic of Monday

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A Fable about the Winning Formula for Career Success

Obi Abuchi’s book ‘The Magic of Monday’ is a fable for young professionals that turns the whole meaning of “Thank God it’s Friday!” on its head.

Here’s what Stephen Howard, CEO of Business in the Community, said about ‘The Magic of Monday’ in his foreword:

“To me this book is a great distillation of key skills and an array of accumulated business knowledge in a very accessible and engaging format. It will speak clearly to an audience of young people forming their professional behaviours and hopefully put them on the road to career success! I think it’s also for anyone with their feet on the lower rungs of the corporate ladder wondering how they’ll ever get to the top or those young professionals simply looking to develop their career prospects.

So much of what Josh learns in this book are lessons that I have learned myself in my years in business and would eagerly pass onto the younger generation – although my thoughts would no doubt lack the clarity that this format provides for the reader!”

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